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The Supporting Safe Therapy site  (Link below) is a site that I am so pleased to have been made aware of. It’s a wonderful resource for how to get the best and most from therapy. Therapy and Counselling, like lots of  things, can be a positive experience or less so, and for that reason it’s important that your therapist is working professionally, ethically and above all safely. This site can help you look at all of these aspects of any service you are using or considering using.

In the site’s own words ... is a website for both clients and therapists aimed at improving the experience of psychological therapy.

It contains evidence-based information and practical tools to help you have a positive, safe, and effective experience of therapy while avoiding common problems.

Additional therapy information and information on counselling and  psychotherapy can be found on this site and on sites that can be accessed from the links page. 

If you can’t find the therapy information you are looking for on this site or any of the resources I have offered please do email  as I  may be able to help I can be contacted on email  

If you are interested in therapy or counselling it might be worth  checking out the Supporting Safe Therapy Site, I  feel its one of the best therapy information sites I have ever seen.



Guide to therapy


Guide to therapy

Therapy comes in different shades and colours



Guide to therapy. Getting the most out of therapy and counselling.

For the purpose of this article the terms counselling and therapy are used interchangeably. This Guide to therapy is written in the hope that it may help you think about how you might get the best out of your experience of therapy. Therapy comes in many different shapes, sizes and flavours, and this will be influenced by the type of therapy you have (sometimes referred to as modality), your therapist, your reasons for seeking therapy and maybe most of all, what you want from therapy.


The last factor above is “what you want from therapy,” is maybe the most important factor in your therapy. It will help you if you can think about and explore with your therapist (on an ongoing basis) what you want from therapy and have confidence in your therapist that together you can work towards that.


Confidence in your therapist is extremely important, do you feel you are able to trust them, be open with them, and feel safe and not judged?  If you answer no to any of these points, it will help you to explore this with your therapist, or, if needed, move on to a therapist that can offer you these elements.  Research that points towards successful outcomes for clients in therapy very strongly suggests that the relationship between you and your therapist is often key to successful outcomes.


Sometimes therapy might be an extremely powerful experience, and at these times it is important to remember that, on occasions, feelings can feel very scary, and at these times you need to be able to feel safe and confident in your therapist. If you don’t please tell them, and if you don’t feel heard or understood, maybe they are not the therapist for you.


I sometimes hear people say that therapy didn’t work for them. I sometimes wonder when I hear this that maybe it was the type of therapy and / or therapist that didn’t work for them, not Therapy.  It’s a bit like food; the cook and type of food can make a big difference to how satisfied you might feel with your meal.  A good therapist should be able to explain clearly what they feel they can offer you, how they work and should be open to hearing from you what you are looking for You may need to  talk to a few therapist before choosing one.


Between session some therapist might suggest you do some “homework” (if appropriate). This can often help you reflect on sessions and get more out of your therapy. Sometimes clients tell me that after therapy they feel tired, and find it beneficial to schedule a treat or relaxation in order to either reflect on what they had done in the session or, if appropriate, to draw a line under the session and “get on with their day”. Experiment and find out what works for you.


One last thing I would like to pass on, is that much of the current research points to successful therapy being largely influenced by a client’s belief, hope and trust that therapy will help them. This can be  challenging  because at the time of seeking therapy clients might be struggling with hope generally. So, if you are able to be willing and be open to the hope that therapy might offer you,  you may well rediscover your own hope, and that, in itself, can be a gift.


I hope what I have conveyed in this brief article is that therapy is for you. It’s an investment you make in you, and as such it should be as you need it to be. The relationship you have with your therapist is key; you need to feel safe and be able to ask for what you want from the sessions.


Andrew Harvey

Introduction Video To Counselling Services In Nottingham

Please click on the link below for a short video introduction

to Counselling Services In Nottingham

Counselling Services  Nottingham , a short introduction

The link above will take you to a short introduction video (Recorded 2014)  on YouTube to Counselling Services In Nottingham that I recorded to tell you a little more about the services I provide including face 2 face and SKYPE Counselling and Therapy. I hope its of assistance to you in finding therapy or counselling that’s right for you. If after watching the video you would like more information please do make contact or take a look at my news and links pages. Here you will find information and resources pertaining to therapy and counselling in Nottinghamshire and nationally using SKYPE.

Hope the video will be informative for you. If you have any questions please do feel free to call or email, I will be happy to help.

Thank You

Andrew Harvey

MBACP, Fdap.

Counsellor and Therapist. Counselling Services Nottingham.


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Therapy in Nottingham using Counselling Services Nottingham’s Referral Process

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To access therapy in Nottingham is a simple process. We accept referrals from Employee Assistance Programs, directly from clients, Doctors and other professionals.  As a first point of contact we ask that you email or call. We are often able to offer urgent appointments.  The important thing is that if you yourself are looking for or considering counselling,  you don’t need a Doctor or anyone else to refer you to access our counselling, all you need to do is to make contact. We offer prompt access to counselling and therapy , where possible at a time to suit you. You can choose between face 2 face, telephone or SKYPE.

If you are looking for therapy in Nottingham and we are unable to help as a matter of policy, Counselling Services Nottingham will refer where possible to other organizations and individuals when appropriate. It should be noted that a referral is not the same as a recommendation and/or endorsement of any service or individual; at all times clients should examine their options and make their own informed decisions.
As an organization we keep a data-base of relevant contacts and will always seek to offer assistance where we can. We may be willing to write referral letters and make formal introductions / referrals when requested. A charge may be payable for doing this (this will be agreed before any work undertaken).

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