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SKYPE Counselling, New Logo and I’m always learning! 

Skype Counselling and Therapy 

As a service I have always wanted to be as flexible and open to new ideas and ways of delivering services as possible. I embraced online therapy soon on in my counselling days and have been using SKYPE (and other similar services) for some time. I am now working with clients on SKYPE on a regular basis including international clients as far away as Bangladesh and online therapy sessions make up around 20% of my clinical hours.

New Logo

Counselling Services Nottingham are pleased and proud to publish our new logo, business card and art work designed and printed locally here in Nottingham.

………… Here it is !

Counselling Services Nottingham New Logo


and here is our business card (well the artwork for it)

Counselling services Nottingham new business card


I’m always learning

I made reference  to “i’m always learning” above. I am this month doing lots of learning, as we progress in our understanding of what can be helpful to people new training and research becomes available, I am extremely lucky that it’s a passion of mine, certainty not a chore. Yesterday I attended a day’s training with psychologists, therapists and doctors in London and next week I have a few days CBT training planned in Birmingham.  I did a quick count up and my “Continued Professional Development” hours this month currently stand at approximately 40 hours and will be in the region of 70 by the end of the month! … that’s formal training , reading or online study and doesn’t include the hours I spend learning from the best teachers of all… my clients.