Anxiety is top of the list for people seeking counselling and therapy

What are people bringing to counselling?

People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons, from help with a mental health issue to wanting time and space to explore life options. Below is a list of the most searched terms that people use when looking for counselling and therapy help, the ones I have included are all related to the work that I do. What is of note is the amount of diagnostic labels and terms that people use in their searches, this might reflect an increased awareness of metal health conditions or that more people are searching for help from the private sector for these challenges.  Anxiety consistently comes up in the therapy room and in list of what people search, addiction appears to be on the rise in searches as dose personality disorders.  Many people come to therapy without words or a label for what is wrong and that can be part of the therapy process, to help the person discover what is wrong and understand it, it is then that changes can happen.

Anxiety continues to be the most searched term on  Counselling Directories.

relationship issues

generalised anxiety disorder


bipolar disorder/manic depression

panic disorder

seasonal affective disorder (sad)


family issues

addiction(s) I have a website dedicated to this type of counselling and therapy here

affairs and betrayals

separation and divorce


anger management


low self-esteem

emotional abuse


sexual abuse

personality disorders

sex addiction


low self-confidence

drug abuse

internet addiction

borderline personality disorder


domestic violence



carer support

narcissistic personality disorder

post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd)

work related stress

suicidal thoughts

avoidant personality disorder



obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

paranoid personality disorder

dependent personality disorder

antisocial personality disorder

histrionic personality disorder

schizoid personality disorder

passive aggressive behavior


mental health

For help with any of these issues and other emotional difficulties please do make contact


Private Therapy .. How much does it Cost ?

Private Therapy Charges for Counselling Services Nottingham charges are as follows
  •  Face to face £40
  • Telephone / SKYPE £30

I never encourage clients to come longer than they a. want and b. need… it’s a myth (I feel) that you have to be in therapy for months and months or even years and years ! Often change can happen quickly , or clients can acquire the tools in therapy to go on to make changes after therapy has finished.

Private therapy can help you access therapy when you need it, without having to go on long waiting lists, its also may give you more options of who you see and where you go for therapy.

Private Therapy