A Book Recommendation

Can a book offer therapy for Anxiety ?

I recently had the opportunity to take a holiday, and took time to revisit a book that I really enjoyed “Mindfulness – Be Mindful…. Live in the moment” by Gill Hanson. The book itself, I feel, offers in itself some therapy for anxiety, offering suffers possibly a new and deeper  understanding of anxiety and worry, this deeper understanding can often help people become less anxious.


The book : “Mindfulness – Be Mindful.. Live in the moment” by Gill Hanson.

I experience  so often clients  feelings of depression  are in the past, and anxiety often has a future focus , the present, when approached mindfully, can  often offer a place of serenity and peace. The present moment actually becomes a present indeed.

Anyone whom takes a interest in counselling, psychology and therapy will be aware of the growing talk of Mindfulness, many therapies increasingly  engage with and incorporate concepts of mindfulness.  Clients report to me the benefits of mindfulness practice and I myself both formally and informally incorporate it both into my counselling practice and life. I often recommend mindfulness and discuss with clients how they might approach it, I often find clients whom are seeking help and therapy for anxiety benefit from it.

This book I feel is one of the best books I have read on the subject, offering both practical experiences and some theoretical depth. Interestingly its a fun read also !  I enjoyed it more this time around than the first time I read it , maybe I was more “present” this time !

If you find the book of interest, and want to learn more, a number of therapist offer mindfulness courses and I am happy to recommend one or two. I have also found some wonderful free podcasts and online courses.