Therapy in Nottingham using Counselling Services Nottingham’s Referral Process

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To access therapy in Nottingham is a simple process. We accept referrals from Employee Assistance Programs, directly from clients, Doctors and other professionals.  As a first point of contact we ask that you email or call. We are often able to offer urgent appointments.  The important thing is that if you yourself are looking for or considering counselling,  you don’t need a Doctor or anyone else to refer you to access our counselling, all you need to do is to make contact. We offer prompt access to counselling and therapy , where possible at a time to suit you. You can choose between face 2 face, telephone or SKYPE.

If you are looking for therapy in Nottingham and we are unable to help as a matter of policy, Counselling Services Nottingham will refer where possible to other organizations and individuals when appropriate. It should be noted that a referral is not the same as a recommendation and/or endorsement of any service or individual; at all times clients should examine their options and make their own informed decisions.
As an organization we keep a data-base of relevant contacts and will always seek to offer assistance where we can. We may be willing to write referral letters and make formal introductions / referrals when requested. A charge may be payable for doing this (this will be agreed before any work undertaken).

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