Therapy information

The Supporting Safe Therapy site  (Link below) is a site that I am so pleased to have been made aware of. It’s a wonderful resource for how to get the best and most from therapy. Therapy and Counselling, like lots of  things, can be a positive experience or less so, and for that reason it’s important that your therapist is working professionally, ethically and above all safely. This site can help you look at all of these aspects of any service you are using or considering using.

In the site’s own words ... is a website for both clients and therapists aimed at improving the experience of psychological therapy.

It contains evidence-based information and practical tools to help you have a positive, safe, and effective experience of therapy while avoiding common problems.

Additional therapy information and information on counselling and  psychotherapy can be found on this site and on sites that can be accessed from the links page. 

If you can’t find the therapy information you are looking for on this site or any of the resources I have offered please do email  as I  may be able to help I can be contacted on email  

If you are interested in therapy or counselling it might be worth  checking out the Supporting Safe Therapy Site, I  feel its one of the best therapy information sites I have ever seen.