Depression Tops List of Reasons for seeking therapy (March 2014)

epression Tops List of Reasons for seeking therapy (March 2014)

Depression continues to be one of the main reasons that clients seek therapy.  I have listed below some of the main words that regularly appear at the top of searched terms on counselling directories and therapist listing sites.

I have taken a few out, as they are issues or subjects that I don’t tend to work with, for example, I don’t do Couples Counselling, so have taken that out of the list. So here are the top 22 issues that others seek counselling and therapy for , all of which I work with ….and … if its not on the list I may still be able to help, so please do make contact this list is the top 22 and people come to counselling for hundreds of different reasons, in fact sometimes people don’t know why they come, they don’t know what’s wrong, they just feel that something is. I am aware that not everyone likes to label how they feel, for example, not everyone likes the term depression, and I understand both perspectives on the use of labels like depression.


relationship issues


generalised anxiety 

bipolar disorder/manic depression

seasonal affective disorder (sad)

postnatal depression

family issues

affairs and betrayals

panic disorder

separation and divorce



cross cultural relationships


anger management

sexual issues


low self-esteem

personality disorders


eating disorders


Counselling can help with these and other struggles that people have, for details or to make an appointment please to get in touch. 

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