Online Therapy 10 Tips. Getting the best from SKYPE counselling and Therapy.

Using SKYPE or other related online counselling platforms.

Ten Tips to get the best from online counselling.

  1. When having your online counselling session close other internet using programs, you may not be using them, but they will be using some of your available internet resources, this can cause the connection to be problematic. For example, browsers, other online communication tools and cloud backup can slow your system down. Other devices connected to your internet will also slow things down.
  2. Get the lighting right! You need to be seen and by having good lighting this can make all the difference.
  3. Interruptions … Put the do not disturb sign on the door, put your mobile out of reach and on silent, switch off anything that alerts you to messages on your screen… this is your time, you need to remove the possibility of distraction… including the cat!
  4. What’s the picture like, you should be at least head and shoulders in the picture, and siting comfortably, think passport photo.
  5. It’s often a good idea to wear headphones, it reduces echo and enables an extra level of confidentiality for you. Having the headphones on, I feel, can really bring you into the session.
  6. Can you be overheard, because if you can, or even wonder if you can be, that won’t work. you need to know that your session is confidential.
  7. Have a backup! If all else fails (technically) you and your therapist should have a plan. the one I have with clients is I will call them on their landline or mobile.
  8. Research and know the level of confidentiality offered by the technology you are using, and make sure you are happy with it. Google will help you find this information and the technology provider’s privacy statement.
  9. When people come to face 2 face therapy they often have a bit of time to process the session, this can be the journey home or to work, when they do their session online at home or work, they often go straight back into their day. Try and have a bit of a break between your session and being pulled back into your day.
  10. If you are concerned about any aspect of your online counselling, including the medium you are using, talk with your therapist, share your concerns.


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online therapy guide published online

online therapy guide published online

online therapy

SKYPE therapy is a newer way of accessing online therapy, for that reason I spent some time thinking about both the benefits and possible challenges offered to therapists and clients by SKYPE and put my thoughts into a guide. The guide has been published on the Counselling Directory here SKYPE therapy guide which is great! I am always keen to spread the word on SKYPE counselling and therapy. A few other therapists have said good things about the guide, which I was pleased about, its always nice when other professional counsellors and therapists recognize your work.

SKYPE therapy was the subject of a recent interview I did when I appeared on BBC radio Nottingham. The interview was a chance fro me to share more about SKYPE therapy and the benefits it can offer clients seeking therapy and counselling. You can listen here  BBC Radio SKYPE Therapy . (March 2014, recorded live, at BBC Radio Nottingham )

A copy of the guide and more information on how I provide SKYPE therapy and counselling can be found by clicking on the SKYPE pages of this web site or click on this link here A guide to SKYPE therapy alongside SKYPE I also work with clients on the phone, telephone counselling is , a also a great way to work with clients when face to face sessions are either not possible or desired by the client.

If you would like more information on any of the services I offer please make contact .

Updated: 1/3/18 – Counselling Services Nottingham now offers clients additional online platforms for online therapy sessions. Some clients prefer to continue to use SKYPE, however we are able to offer additional options.